Herbert the Entertainer
Bert Maassen

Short Profile - Herbert Maassen

1963 - For 5 years a strict music teacher came to the family home in Grevenbroich / Germany.

The exercises were hard and demanding…to the point that after the third year Herbert wanted to quit playing the accordion, but his father reminded him …very strongly…how Grandma said he would become a musician and how hard mother was working to pay for his lessons.

1969 - 1982 - a wide variety of musical experiences of professional entertainment.

With his electronic accordion Herbert performed in Duos, Trios, Show-Bands, Marching-Bands ... and as a "One-Man-Band"

1979 -1983 - Herbert became the conductor of the “Akkordeon Gruppe Erftland e.V.”…with children between 7 and 17 years of age.

 When this group gave concerts… no eye remained dry.

1983-2006 – Immigration Canada…Dance Music for private and ethnic events in Canada and the United States ... anywhere from 30 to 1000 persons… as a Duo…as Country-Band and as… “Herbert the Entertainer”

2004 – He begins to compose his own music…on the Yamaha keyboard ‘PSR 9000’

2007-2015...Herbert entertains in retirement homes.

"I never thought that I would ever perform in retirement homes…but the appreciation and enjoyment that seniors had for my music was beyond my imagination.”

2008...He is expanding its entertainment program as a ventriloquist.

 "I know I make people happy with my music ... but I also want to make them laugh"

2015...For the last 32 years the ‘Entertainer’ brought much joy to the people at dances and also Senior Homes in Canada and the United States.

He leaves Canada and establishes his residence in Mallorca / Spain.

Fascinated by the beauty of the island, the culture and the people, he starts to compose new music on his new Yamaha Keyboard “PSR S950”…re-introducing his new pleasant style of music the European audience.

His love for accordion music ... now on the accordion “Alpenfeuer” ... is still “on Fire”.