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Bert Maassen

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posted 21.02.2019

   The new CD/Album 'Ride the Waves' is available now:

Another master-piece of 'Herbert the Entertainer'!

And again...with an amazing variety of sound and rhythms.

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Upcoming Premiere!

The fantastic Music-Video "Ride the Waves" is scheduled for 

Monday 25.02.2019

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For the first time there will be an open chat available.

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When I said amazing variety...I really meant AMAZING VARIETY.

Let's start with song #8 of my new CD:  "Akkordeon Potpourri Europa":

¨SUNRISE music-video¨

Over 52.000 views Jan.24. 2019
Over 63.000 views Feb.21.2019

A new series of 
Bible Education Music-Videos 
starting January 2019

"The Truth Will Set You Free"

A new Video will be added every month.

Please, watch the INTRODUCTION-Video first.

The playlist will continue with the next video of this series.


Special greetings to all the friends in Russia
"One Day" with Russian Subtitles